Devils Thunder 2015 Collaboration

May 19, 2015


Media Announcement

Thunder Road Brewing Company of Melbourne, Australia and Devils Backbone Brewing Company of Virginia, USA, Jointly Announce their Second International Brewing Collaboration

Award Winning Brewmaster Jason Oliver from Devils Backbone Brewing Company and Marcus Cox, Senior Brewer and Manager of Thunder Road Brewing Company will Lead Innovative Collaborative Brewing Program in Melbourne, Australia

15 May 2015 – Philip Withers, CEO, Thunder Road Brewing Company and Steve Crandall, President, Devils Backbone Brewing Company announced today that Jason Oliver, Brewmaster of Devils Backbone Brewing Company, has been selected to join the company from a highly competitive field of brewers in Thunder Road’s World Brewer’s Invitational. Oliver and Cox will jointly lead the collaboration program and develop a series of beers under the name Devils Thunder Inaugural FIFO Collaboration Series 2015. (FIFO: “Fly In – Fly Out” – is a largely Australian mining industry term for flying team members in and out of a mine site for short stays).

Devils Backbone Brewing Company, based in Nelson County & Lexington, Virginia has become one of the most award winning breweries in the world. The phenomenal rise of the brewery, in just a few short years, is unique in the craft brewing industry. The success of Devils Backbone Brewing Company is directly related to its industry leading accomplishments in creating internationally acclaimed beers. Since opening its Basecamp Brewpub & Meadows in 2008 in rural Nelson County, and their production facility, the Outpost Brewery & Tap Room in 2012 in Lexington, Virginia with an upgraded new 120 barrel ROLEC brewhouse expansion in 2015, the company has cemented its place as one of America’s finest craft breweries.

In the last four years, Devils Backbone Brewing Company has been recognized internationally at the 2010 World Beer Cup as Champion Brewery, the Brew Pub Brewer of the year at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival, the 2013 Great American Beer FestivalSmall Brewing Company & Small Brewing Company Brewer of The Year and last year the 2014 American Beer Festival Mid-Size Brewing Company & Mid-Size Brew Team of The Year.
Thunder Road Brewing Company and Jason Oliver share similar brewing philosophies. According to Oliver, “My brewing philosophy is one of traditional expansiveness. I take inspiration from traditional and contemporary methods and techniques and then expand upon them. I like to say I’m ‘inspired by tradition… but not handcuffed to it. And for this collaboration, we’ve agreed to adopt the credo: make it fast, and make it tasty!’”

During Oliver’s stay, in addition to clocking up significant frequent flyer miles, he will collaborate on a number of innovative brewing projects including beers utilising new experimental Australian hop varieties, native Australian fruits as well as new fermentation techniques developed by Thunder Road. To celebrate the collaboration, a special beer will be brewed to raise funds to aid research for The Chesapeake Bay Foundation in the U.S.A. and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF).

Thunder Road Brewing Company is the current 2014 AIBA Champion Medium Australian Brewery, having won a total of 14 medals including Gold, Silver and Bronzes at their first beer competition. Thunder Road has a beer development brewery and commercial brewery in the inner Melbourne suburb of Brunswick in Victoria, Australia. Since opening its doors for business in 2011, the brewery’s beers have taken Melbourne by storm and are now expanding nationally throughout Australia and internationally across Europe and Japan. Thunder Road brews year-round flagship beers including Full Steam Pale Lager, Brunswick Bitter, Hop Star, and Collingwood Draught, and limited release seasonal beers, for on-tap sales as well as its recently launched Double Fermentation Series bottled range. The company is well known for its fanatical focus on freshness, innovation, and quality across many different beer styles.

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